Weekly Update

Hello fellow bloggers!

Lots of stuff around here is going on. My sissy (below) is home now from college for the summer and I love having another person to play with and take me on adventures!


I also just had an electric fence put in to allow me to roam all around the yard for the summer. I am very excited to run around and sleep in the shade and have freedom this summer without a leash on me. It will definitely take some learning of my boundaries, but I get not only the backyard, but also the front and sides!

I am still very cute (see below) and I am now 13 weeks old. I weigh over 22 pounds, but still have another 60-80 to go. I am loving life right now. I sleep on Mom’s cool tile in her bathroom because this 80 degree spring is really hard on me! Luckily my family also bought me a pool to cool down in when I’m outside.


Life is great! Talk soon,

  • Chloe.

Have a PAWsome Mother’s Day!

Bark Bark! Woof woof! I woof my mama! It is Mother’s Day today so I wanted to blog a little about my mama today! Here she is:


I woof my mama because she LOVES to give me belly rubs and she LOVES when I listen to her and obey her. She gives me treats and takes good care of me. I am glad she liked the card I got her today! She is gorgeous (just like me!).

Anyways, here are some other things I have been up to lately:

I keep busy being outside and napping, as I am still a puppy. With my sissy home from college now, I am sure on the weekends she can take me places and take me on adventures! I will be sure to blog about them from my perspective.

Have a great day everyone!

  • Chloe.


Paws on the Ground

Morning bloggers!

I have been with my new family now for a month now and in that time I have grown (almost tripled my weight!), got my first bath from my mom, and gone on some great adventures. My professional photographer has captured these moments, see below!


I am all about high-quality pictures and helping to promote my photographer’s work. I am a great model (probably the only girly thing about me). His information is on my homepage-he has a legacy of work to check out.

Anyways, today I am sleeping and eating and growing. However, I am sure soon I will be doing more photo shoots and enjoying the outdoors. My sister, the one currently helping me type this, comes home from college in a week and plans to shoot videos and photos of me with her GoPro during the summer! Yay!

Woof woof for now,


My First Post!

Hello Blogging World!

I am Chloe, a Berner. My goal is to travel, adventure, get some cool followers, and maybe snag a few sponsorship’s! I love to be the center of attention in some awesome, beautiful photos, but do not let my sweet face fool you- I am a tough girl with a fierce attitude to match. I love to explore and get my paws dirty. IMG_0012

I really wish to create my own little niche here in the world. I am a part of high quality, professional photography and I want to show the world my unique personality. I was born to travel, camp, explore, hike, you name it.

Come and join me in seeing the world through my Berner eyes!